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Large Volume Discounts Available
Large Volume Discounts Available

Light Levels for Flood Lighting

View the recommended light levels for flood light applications; measured in footcandles (fc) and lux (lx).

Building Exterior
Active Entrances - Pedestrian or Vehicle 5 fc 50 lx
Inactive Entrances - Normally Locked 3 fc 30 lx
Vital Locations or Structures (Security) 5 fc 50 lx
Building Surroundings 1 fc 10 lx
Parking Areas
High Activity 3.6 fc 36 lx
Medium Activity 2.4 fc 24 lx
Low Activity 0.8 fc 8 lx
High Activity 2 fc 20 lx
Medium Activity 1 fc 10 lx
Low Activity 0.5 fc 5 lx
Bright Surroundings, Light Surfaces 30 fc 500 lx
Bright Surroundings, Dark Surfaces 50 fc 1000 lx
Dark Surroundings, Light Surfaces 10 fc 200 lx
Dark Surroundings, Dark Surfaces 30 fc 500 lx
Terra Cotta, Light Marble, Plaster 10 fc 100 lx
Bedford or Buff Limestone, Smooth Buff  
Face Brick, Concrete, Aluminum
15 fc 150 lx
Smooth or Medium Gray Brick,
Common Tan or Dark Field Gray Brick
20 fc 200 lx
Brownstone, Stained Shingles,
Other Dark Surfaces
35 fc 350 lx

Source: Lithonia Lighting

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