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Large Volume Discounts Available

Flood Light Application: Monument & Statue Lighting

When illuminating a statue or monument, highlight the texture or more prominent parts of the structure to create the best lighting and aesthetic. To do so, first, identify the characteristics to be featured and made a focal point. Below are three examples of different techniques to highlight a statue with the use of flood lights:

  1. Most Prominent Feature
  2. Texture - 3D Quality
  3. Profile - Silhouette

Most Prominent Feature

Choose the most prominent characteristic of the monument or statue. This can be a face, an emblem, or any other outstanding feature. Illuminate this area of the object with a single flood light. To highlight the feature from all angles, multiple flood lights may be needed.

Texture - 3D Quality

To highlight the three dimensional quality and texture of the statue or monument, create a grazing effect by aiming the flood light straight up at from the base of the object. Strong shadows will be formed on the statue.

Profile - Silhouette

Creating a silhouette is effective in highlighting the overall shape or outline of an object. To do so, provide sufficient background lighting so that a strong accent effect is created between the background and the statue. Remember, in order for a profile or silhouette to be seen, the background must be lighter than the statue or object.


Source: Lithonia Lighting

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