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Large Volume Discounts Available

Flood Light Application: Sign Lighting

When using ground mounted flood lights to light up a sign, three factors must be considered:

  1. Setback Distance
  2. Fixture Spacing
  3. Aiming Height

Setback Distance

Install fixtures back, "setback", 3/4 times the building height.


Setback Distance = 3/4 x Sign Height
3/4 x 6 ft. = 4.5 ft.

 Flood light setback distance for sign lighting

Fixture Spacing

When spacing fixtures out, do not exceed two times the setback distance.


Fixture Spacing = 2 x Setback Distance
2 x 4.5 ft. = 9 ft. apart

 Flood light spacing for sign lighting

Aiming Height

Flood lights should be aimed at least 2/3 the height of the building. To reduce unwanted glare, full or upper visors can be installed to the flood light.

Aiming Height = 2/3 x Building Height
2/3 x 6 ft. = 4 ft. high
Aiming height for sign lighting with flood lights

Source: Lithonia Lighting

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